How to make custom foil patterns

With this method you can make your own custom patterns to heat transfer foil without expensive equipment:
Custom foild pattern for lures designed in Photoshop

1. Make your design as black and white illustration. Black areas will be clear and white areas will get what ever color foil you are using. You can also draw it by hand, but pay attention to next step.

Custom foil pattern for fishing lure_step 2

 2. If you used computer to your design, print your pattern with laser printer. Note it needs to be a laser printer, inkjet will not work. If you draw pattern by hand, use photocopier. Inkjet colors do not work, because idea is to get some heat activating material to paper and inkjet inks typically stand heat too well.

Custom foil pattern for fishing lure_step 3

3. Cut desired color foil to approximate size of the pattern. Naturally, this needs to be heat transfer foil to work. You can find some alternatives here.

Custom foil pattern for fishing lure_step 4

4. Place your foil on top of pattern. Colored surface comes up and heat activated dull glue side goes against the print. Then place another paper gently on top of foil without moving foil

Custom foil pattern for fishing lure_step 5

5. Run stack of print, foil and cover paper through laminator. (You'll need to test right temperature for your foil or test different foils if your laminator does not have heat selection)

Custom foil pattern for fishing lure_step 6

 6. Depending your foil, pull carrier film off hot or cold. As result you should see that in black areas laminator heat melted ink and foil glue stitched to it. Now you have custom pattern in plastic carrier film and you can apply it to your lure with normal methods (e.g. press cold on sticky epoxy and remove film, use heat press etc.). If you are unhappy with the resolution you can test with different glossier printer papers, different foils and different laminator heat settings.