Privacy Policy


1. Database Maintenance

Main Administrator: WellingLures Oy Ltd. Susihaudantie 3, FIN-21530 PAIMIO FINLAND


Henri Welling, tel. +358 50 433 1302                  

2. Database Name 

WellingLures Oy Ltd. website

3. The Function of the Database

WellingLures Oy Ltd. offers it's customers web based design tool and a webshop

4. Database Users

Internal users: Administrator, website developers and technical staff

External users: the public (for the commonly accessible portions of the website), registered users of the website

5. The Content of Database

The content of the database mainly consists of information needed about the users to perform financial operations with them as part of normal trade over the web. This information is typically, but not limited to user's name, username in system, country of residence and email address. When user makes order, system stores also information of delivery address and phone number if given by user. (Credit card information or similar user side payment details are not stored by system, but handled by payment transaction handler, credit card issuer or bank used in money transfer). Database keeps also track on user's transactions to the website. Database is kept also as a storage of product designs created by users with special tool in website.

6. Database storage

The database is stored within European Union. If some data needs to be sent out of European Union, data processing security is taken care with term sheet approved by European Comission or by other means allowed by GDPR act. (such transfer outside of European Union cn be in practise e.g. usage of Mailgun service to reach out to users, when there are service bulletins released for the system) . When data is transferred, only secured transfer protocols are used. User personal data is given to 3rd parties in following cases and reasons:
- mail service: users emails for service bulletin etc. similar information distribution purpose
- logistic companies, couriers, post offices: address information for delivery of orders

6. Official Sources of Information

The collected data is entered onto the database either by users themselves or in rare occasions with the help of administrator (for example in case user wishes administrator to save some geometry of a product directly to the database without using the tool provided on the website for this purpose). On the website, everyone may check the information they have given, and make changes either by themselves or with the help of the database administrator. Assistance, request for extra information and possible termination of user account can be addressed to administrator mentioned above in this document. WelingLures Oy Ltd. keeps the right to store the data that it is obligated to keep for legislative reasons.

7. Stored Personal Information

The Administrator is fully aware that the personal information of certain persons is available on the database and can be accessed by anyone using the Internet. This information is also accessible outside the European Union. While granting user rights, the Administrator collects the ID of the new users. These, however, remain accessed only by the Administrator.

8. Confidentiality

The Administrator will not give out personal information to external parties without the person’s consent.