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WARNING! Risk of personal injury or death. Celluloid is extremely flammable and may be ignited by friction, heat, sparks or flames. Celluloid can also re-ignite after fire has been extinguished. Do not expose to fire, sunlight or any source of heat. Do not saw or drill with high speeds to avoid friction.

WARNING! Risk of personal injury or death. Solvents used with celluloid can be hazardous. Investigate the material safety data sheet for the solvent you are using prior to usage and take all neccessary actions.

We have taken this traditional material in to stock with limited quantities. Some of the most beautiful pearlescent lure coatings from mid 1900's were made from celluloid but the material has now pretty much disappeared from the markets. If you want to experiment with the olds way of working, we have few beautiful colors available. Celluloid is easily glued using epoxy, cyanoacrylates, and traditional animal glues. It is soluble in acetone, amyl acetate, methyl and ethyl acetate, higher ketones and acetic acid. It is also partly soluble in benzene, ether, toluene and xylene.