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Vacuum metallized fishing luresPlease fill in the order form with information about your lures. How many would you like to get chromed and what length they are. After you have sent the form to us, click the Inquiry button to request a quote and we will calculate the price for you.

Chrome surface is often wanted finish which has been hard to get especially for smaller batches - not any more. Make your lure bodies into a base coat phase and send them to us. We combine smaller batches together and vacuum metallize them for that brilliant chrome look finish.

How chrome surface is done

Our "chrome" is actually thin layer of aluminium attached to the surface in a powerful vacuum chamber. As wooden or plastic lure bodies do not conduct electricity and can be also flammable, vacuum is the best method to get mirror like finish. Before the process starts we attach the lures in to a special made metallizing stands. They look like Christmas trees with thousands of lures and look even greater when metallizing has been done. Stands are attached inside of big chambers and all air is sucked out with high power compressors in a phase which can take hours. Due to the timelines of the process and chamber size we can not deliver small orders of only hundreds of lures or less until we have combined them to bigger lots - we apologize the inconvenience.

Melted aluminium vaporizes in the chamber and sticks all over the surface coating products with a very thin metal layer. Result is mirror smooth if the original surface has been smooth. Grainier surfaces (e.g. sanding paper finish) are left with matte silver look. After desired layer is achieved, vacuum is released and stands are removed from the chamber.

We will deliver metallized products without coating. When you receive goods back, you will need to apply at least protective layer of suitable laquer or epoxy prior to using products. We recommend doing forst test batch to see base coat, metallized surface and topcoat fit all together.

If colored treatment (e.g. golden or copper or any semitransparent color) is needed, products can be applied afterwards with a thin color lacquer. Unfortunately we do not have possibility at this point to offer readily colored products, silver is our only option for the time being.

Instructions how you get the best results
  1. Make sure the surface of your lures is smooth - and we mean really smooth. Metal coating will be only ca. 1 µm thick so it does not fill any scratches. We recommend that you sand the lure after first base lacquer coatings. Start with any grit you think is best for the starting point and gradually move to 240 grit or finer sand paper. After sanding remove all the dust and dip the lures in to a thin lacquer. After final dip let the lures dry hanging freely and - very important - do not touch them any more with bare hands. Even a smallest amount of grease or dirt will show in end result. Especially silicone is a threat, it can even vaporize in chamber and stain nearby lures. Let the lures dry thoroughly, there must not be any solvents able to vaporize any more when we start metallizing process.
    TIPS: Hold your lure against bright light and inspect how the light reflects from the surface, if you see any waves, scratches or bumbs, you would see them much clearer also after metal coating. If you want to recieve both smooth mirror like and matte areas to the same lure, you can sandblast matte areas with masking film.
  2. As metallizing process we use is based on vacuum chamber, you do not need to worry about heat resistance of lacquer. Heat rises only to ca. 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). However vacuum chamber sucks easily any moisture from inside of lures and that can affect negatively as "smoke stain" in lures. Please keep sure there are no porous areas in your lure which would have no lacquer. So, absolutely no holes in lacquer coating, not even minor ones
  3. Do not attach split rings, hooks or any other hardware to the lures - only through wire constructions are allowed. Lures are chromed in vacuum chamber and everything installed to the product will get the coating plus clean lures are easier to handle in the process.
  4. We will attach your lures from their wire loops (hook or line attachment points) and there is some amount of pressure towards the loop to ensure lures do not drop away from the support. If possible, prefer hard metal wires and avoid copper or similar soft metal materials in loops as they might get scratched or misformed by the pressure.
  5. Package your lures with care and avoid any scrathes or dirt accessing the surface. Preferably use non fluffing gloves and place your lures inside of smooth packaging paper or non fluffing cloth one by one. Best way would be to support the lure only from wire loops letting the body free of any contact to other objects, but understandably that can be tricky to achieve.
  6. Make sure lures can not move and get any friction in delivery. Use sufficient amount of filling in your package.
  7. Make a preorder in our website - Webshop - Services - Chroming - Order form
  8. You will get information about chroming schedules and an invoice in email. Pay the invoice in advance before confirmed batch preparation day - we do not handle deliveries for which has not been paid. We will store unpaid deliveries for 60 days after which we send them back only if return mail is paid. Otherwise we are unfortunately forced to throw the batch to garbage bin.
  9. Mark clearly (preferrably with typed letters) your information so we know whose order we are handling and where we send the final products back.
  10. Send the lures in to address:

    WellingLures Oy Ltd, Chroming dept.
    Susihaudantie 3
    21530 PAIMIO

  11. Prepayment includes also modest insurance for the goods, standard amount is only the chroming fee. If you are about to send more valuable lure blanks, please contact us in prior so we can offer different insurance.
  12. After receiving the final products from us, use non fluffing gloves in unpacking and avoid any scratches, remember that coating is very thin.
  13. Finish lures with matching lacquers and paints, test compatibility first with small batch.

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