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WellingLures transfer foil is the easiest way to add metallic or holographich finish to your lure. We recommend you test first that the foil color does not drip with the base & top coats you use. When testing, base coat your lure. Before coating is fully set, but can be handled carefully, place foil to the surface, shiny colored face up. Press the foil to the surface with your fingers to stick in to place. Additionally you can also protect your hands or keep the lure in distance with pliers and heat the lure with foil gently with a hair dryer. The thin glue layer on the dull side of the foil is activated by the heat. For some base coats heating is not needed, so experiment to find the optimal process. Let the lure cool down a bit and tear the outer plastic layer off. Only the thin metallic layer is left to the surface giving that finalized look.. You can repeat the process with extra layers as many times you want to. Top coat before applying possible painted details. Epoxy coatings typically work better than solvent mixed lacquers with this foil. Solvents do not normally work with holographic finish.
Note: The roll length of 120cm is nominal. We have found true length to be 100-140cm. We are working with our wholesaler to solve the issue.